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MapChamp allows you to visually access the businesses in your local area that offer the products and services you desire.

  1. Start by selecting the type of listing you are looking for, Classified Ads, or Business Listings.
  2. If you choose classified ads, you will have the option of choosing which type of classified ad to show, if you choose a business listing, you will have a choice of categories and subcategories to narrow your search results.
  3. You may also type in specific search terms into the 'Name/keywords text box to find listings.
  4. Enter your location, if the location entered into the 'Location' field is not your location, enter your location. Your location can be entered as an address, a city and state, a zip code, or an airport code.
  5. Click the search button to get your results.

The local choices of the categories you desire will populate an interactive map. Click on the icon of the nearest or most convenient choice and you are linked to an information page or directly to the website or your choice, surf around the map until you find what you need. The map includes the street grid on aerial imagery of the local area. If you are interested in where the local garage sales are or an item (car, boat, ect.) being offered by an individual you can search for it on the site. New to the area? Use our site to discover the local shopping sites, doctors and churches in your area. Plan your shopping excursions.

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MapChamp will provide your business exposure through our on-line mapping service. We will place your business on the map and provide a direct link to your website or a link to a page of information on your business that is produced and managed by you and maintained by MapChamp. This will allow customers to shop for products and services using our on-line map and business data to your find your business. This website is designed to be user friendly for all. The direct link to the business website or page gives control and flexibility. Special events and sales can easily be updated allowing quick response to market opportunities. A direct link to your website will allow your business full control of the content of the advertizing and is the less expensive and easier of the options.

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